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Photo of The Mortlach Collection

Bold is in Mortlach's blood. Behind this beastly range of single malt whiskies is a doctor who dared to blaze trails in a distiller's world. Dr. Alexander Cowie, a man of the world, oversaw the very first spirit distillation of Mortlach, achieved through a completely unique and fiendishly complex process, which he used his scientific acumen to craft.

Used as the cornerstone of the 20th Century's most iconic blends, Mortlach was the best kept secret in the world of whisky for 70 years. A mysterious liquid that's dark and complex, this single malt whisky defied the taste conventions defined by its origin and region; creating bold, full-bodied flavours without smoke.

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Photo of The Beast of Dufftown

The Beast of Dufftown
Bold flavour, without big smoke
A blend of art and science
2.81 times distilled.
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The Dark Side of Speyside

All that is left is a rumoured black book, a whispering of a story found in 19th century news, that recounts the magnetism of Mortlach. Not a distillery in Scotland had so many private clients as the Cowie's, from kingdoms to elite personalities of influence across the world. An insider community of power and taste, from all walks of life, shrouded in mystery and united by a desire for the darker side of Speyside: Mortlach, the malt identified by its midnight blue.

Photo of Mortlach 30 Year Old

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30 Year Old

A rich, deep, dark whisky to savour slowly in the darker hours. Aged 30 years, finished through a three-cask finish of bold provenance: Bordeaux wine, Calvados and Guatemalan rum.

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The Midnight Malt

Mortlach 30 Year Old

When day transcends to night, as light changes and shadows emerge, senses are heightened, conversations take an intriguing twist and the deepest darkest secrets are revealed. Mortlach Midnight Malt captures the intensity of this moment; a rare & magnetic invitation into the boldest, deepest and most intriguing expression of our malt. Unexpected layers of richness and intensity emerge from a three-cask finish of bold provenance, luring you into Speyside's darker side.

Exterior photo of Mortlach Distillery buildings

The Beast
of Dufftown

Since 1823, we have played at the edges of expectation to bring a new whisky experience to the world.

Stylized graphic of Mortlach's The Way

'The Way'
2.81 Times Distilled

With a method unchanged for over 120 years, the Mortlach whisky making process is affectionately known as 'The Way'.

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