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Johnnie Walker

How It All Started

Johnnie Walker

Rich Heritage

200 years ago, our founder John Walker first opened the doors of a small grocery store in Kilmarnock that would go on to change the world of whisky forever.

The aisles of the store were packed with the exotic ingredients that marked this rich era of exploration, flavours and scents from across the globe – Hyson tea from China, dark pepper from Jamaica, Italian liquorice, and, of course, Scotch whisky.

From their vibrant store teeming with produce, John, his son Alexander and later his grandsons, began their pursuit of creating whiskies which none could rival by bringing together whiskies from the four corners of Scotland. Very soon, the John Walker & Sons name became a guarantee of quality and trust.

Diageo Rare Exceptional

Tradition & Craft

Our Master Blender, Dr Jim Beveridge OBE, is the sixth in an unbroken line of master blenders stretching back 200 years to the time of our founder, John Walker.

Over the course of two centuries, John’s descendants and today’s modern day blenders have broken new ground; acquired new distilleries; perfected our craft; built matchless reserves of maturing rare Scotch; and won acclaim all around the world. In 1934 we were granted our first Royal Warrant by King George V and we are just as committed to pursuing excellence today.

Our people, our journey, our stocks and our style help to create the incredibly rare whiskies in the John Walker & Sons Collection.

Diageo Rare Exceptional

Rare Casks

We have the greatest reserves of maturing Scotch whisky in the world giving our blenders access to an unparalleled breadth and depth of flavours.

They hand-select exceptionally rare and precious malt and grain whiskies from a constantly evolving inventory of over 10 million casks, from more than 30 distilleries including limited and finite reserves from closed ‘ghost’ distilleries such as Port Ellen and Cambus


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