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The Johnnie Walker Masters Series

Celebrating Exquisite Craftsmanship

Malting. Distilling. Cask maturation. Blending. The Johnnie Walker Masters Series is an ode to the four steps of whisky craftsmanship, celebrating the art of whisky making.

Johnnie Walker Master of Flavour 48 Year Old

Inspired Masterpieces by Acclaimed Craftsmen

Four masters combine generations of Scotch knowledge and craftsmanship with their own expertise to create truly rare and exceptional Scotch.

Given unrestricted access to our ghost distilleries, our masters have crafted nothing short of rare masterpieces that are highly limited and will not be re-released.

As Donna Anderson, our Malt Master and alchemist who oversaw the precious transformation of barley into liquid gold, describes; "Smooth, cherry and creamy, with layers of amazing flavour and a real depth to the blend. There is a sweet, long finish. This is one of the best whiskies I've ever tasted."

Douglas Murray carries on the highly skilled distillery traditions of the tight-knit community of local coppersmiths and stillmen that produces wonderful flavour combinations to the collection. He shares; "Truly magical. The initial smoothness combined with the complexity of flavours makes it truly great. You can see the character of each distillery coming through in a beautifully balanced blend."

Each cask is unique, with its own particular make-up, bringing its own special flavours to the whisky it houses. Once in the cask, the whisky begins a conversation with the wood, in which flavours are found and developed over years — only interrupted at their perfect maturity by James Carson, our Cask Master. "There is a nice depth of flavour with a soft pepperiness which evolves into a subtle smoke in the finish."

Jim Beveridge, our blend master, sits at the final stage of the whisky-making process, orchestrating an already great array of flavour to the whiskies' fullest potential. "This incredible blend showcases how masters combine generations of Scotch knowledge and craftsmanship with their own expertise of malting, distillation, ask maturation and, of course, blending, to create a truly exceptional Scotch."

Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour 48 Year Old

Crafted using fleetingly rare whiskies from the four ghost distilleries of Port Dundas, Brora, Glen Albyn and Glenury Royal. This special bottling is a highly limited and very rare blend that will never be repeated.

Only 288 bottles available globally. Be the first to purchase and be given unrestricted access to the world of Johnnie Walker, as we take you on a private tour and tasting of rare masterpieces from the Masters collection.

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Johnnie Walker Master's Ruby Reserve 40 Year Old

A rich, perfectly balanced 40-year-old Scotch, crafted to commemorate Master Blender Jim Beveridge's ruby anniversary at Johnnie Walker. Only 398 bottles available globally.

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John Walker Masters' Edition 50 Year Old

Six exceptionally rare whiskies, each aged at least 50 years, from distilleries in John Walker's lifetime from 1805-1857. This masters edition is a fitting tribute to the legendary founder of Johnnie Walker. Only 100 bottles available globally.