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Johnnie Walker

The Limited Edition Design

Diageo Rare Exceptional

The Artist Shan Jiang

Shan Jiang is London-based illustrator who’s work is strongly influenced by his native Shanghai: it skyscrapers and bungalows, contemporary concepts, traditional superstitions, communist ideology and flourishing subcultures.

Shan draws his inspiration from a number of sources including Chinese Meticulous Art, Ukiyo-e, Bauhaus design, Durer, manga and anime to create fantastical and detailed illustrations with a burst of colour and energy, packed with bewitching narratives and psychedelic dream-like environments.

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Diageo Rare Exceptional

Paying Homage to the Tiger

Shan Jiang explores and interprets Chinese culture in a way that resonates with Johnnie Walker to create gifts of prosperity for the ones that Never Walk Alone.

Shan’s ambition for this work was to start this Year with positivity and use Chinese mythology and the ideas of progress to inspire his designs.

Choosing the mythical Tiger With Wings for the New Year Limited Edition Johnnie Walker, he was inspired by the popular Chinese phrase “Like a tiger that has grown wings” to illustrate the craft of Johnnie Walker and the rare, handpicked whiskies that are blended exquisitely in each bottle.

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Diageo Rare Exceptional

The Mythical Creature of Bai Ze

The Lunar New Year Limited Edition design feature stunning illustrations of the Bai Ze, a mythical creature that symbolises virtuousness, nobility and protection from evil.

Shan says these illustrations gives him strength and a desire to share and celebrate moments to appreciate of the year past, mark new connections with business partners and close friends and send best wishes to those people who look after us and walk with us.

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Lunar New Year Special


Limited to thirty sets, every two limited-edition John Walker & Sons King George V comes with a uniquely printed scarf designed by Shan Jiang.

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